Parvin Ghamsari

Fred and Parvin’s business philosophy is based upon professionalism, honesty and integrity.  They believe that you as a client are the most important part of the equation and every single client should be looked after with utmost attention and sincerity.  The interests of the client are first and foremost at all times and in order to protect the clients’ interests, Fred and Parvin spend endless hours and efforts to understand your needs, priorities and preferences.  They will then formulate a personalized marketing plan to sell your house or the search plan to find your dream home.

Fred and Parvin understand how important an investment your home is to you.  That is what drives them to help you make the right move and seize the opportunities.  No matter what your objectives are, they rise to the challenge and handle every detail to provide you with the best possible and most enjoyable Real Estate experience.

Fred Ghajar